Hexham to Haydon Bridge


Create an active travel way (accessible walking/cycling) between Haydon Bridge and Hexham, using, as much as possible pre-existing paths
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Two thirds of the route would use the old A69 road and public bridleway. Only a 1.5 mile section would require a new pathway

The 1.5 miles of new path, would use appropriate path materials, material costs would be £1M. Project costs within £2m (Guess ?????)

Next Steps

Contact landowner

Contact companies for a quote for feasibility study

Confirm where funds will be held
Milestone - Wait for conversation with landowner

Create a GoFund page and hold funding in ACT group?

The vision of the active travel path and linking it to the Hexham to Haydon Bridge one is that the paths will enable the towns to have:
• A clear brand identity with the path
• Large-scale personal travel programs to help in people switching to cycling
• Travel awareness campaigns, including loyalty schemes, advertising and media campaigns.
• Cycling and walking promotion, including cycling festivals, guided rides and walks, training, cycling route signage and bicycle parking
• Public transport information and marketing campaigns and bus/train network improvements.
• School travel planning, which complemented the DFT’s Travelling to School Initiative.
• Workplace travel planning that engaged employers (eg Egger, Hexham Hospital ) to encourage their employees to adopt travel planning.